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Serie 20 & 20
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Purposes of the 20 & 20 Series.

The 20 & 20 Series comprises several volumes that include 20 lessons and 20 exercises, referring to different aspects of music science...

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History of 20 & 20 Series

In 2008 Néstor Crespo begins to make workbooks for his students in his private classes with a concrete and practical way of studying...
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Enjoy our collection

We invite you to take a quick tour of all the books published by the Serie 20&20.
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Best Selling Books

Guitar /Seventh Chords 1
Néstor Crespo


Guitar / Melodic Triads
Armando Alonso


Guitar / Scales & Arpeggios
Néstor Crespo


Guitar / Sight Reading 1
Federico Palmero


Bass / Scales & Arpeggios
Néstor Crespo


Guitar / Harmonic Triads
Armando Alonso


Guitar / Spread Triads 1
Néstor Crespo


Repertoire 1
Federico Palmero


Theory / Superimposition of Triads 1
Armando Alonso


Guitar / Diatonic Major Scale
Néstor Crespo


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