THEORY / Major Scale 2 according to Barry Harris


Practical and dynamic work methodology for the self-taught student as well as for the teacher in class


You are buying (PDF of 65 pages – 138 MB) which contains:

* 10 Lessons (Theory / Half step Rules)

* 39 Exercises (Methodology, tempos, repetition bars, Audios of each exercise)

* 83 Phrases / Melodic lines (Gradual application of the concepts on a II V I with its corresponding written and audio analysis)

* 158 Audios (Essential for the complete study of each of the exercises)

* 2 Backing Tracks (Backing Tracks more than 3 minutes to strengthen knowledge)


When playing descending a Major Scale the notes of the chord are on the “and” (off beat) instead of falling to “ground”. (on beat)

With the purpose of playing rhythmically correct, Barry Harris presents us with the concept: Half Step Rule by means of which we will be able to play the notes of the chord to “ground” (on beat).

These rules are divided into:

Odd Group: When we start from the tonic (1) of the 3rd, 5th or 7th.

Even Group: When we start from the 2nd, the 4th or the 6th.

Each group contains two rules which we will develop in this book.


About Phrases or Melodic Lines

All and each one of the phrases I’ve written have as an objective to incorporate in a progressive manner each of the learned concepts.

For this reason, each of them has included the written analysis of each previously learned element with the intention of having a method when you have to write your own phrases or melodic lines.

158 Audios

158 essential audios are included for the complete study of this book

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