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Practical and dynamic work methodology for the self-taught student as well as for the teacher in class


In the present volume we will focus on the study of Scales, Seventh Arpeggios, Triads, Symmetrical Scales, etc. most frequently used in popular music:

In each of the 20 Lessons, there are 7 shapes and fingerings to be studied and in the 20 Exercises a varied number of exercises to affirm each of the concepts.


* Greeks Modes
Ionian,  Dorian,  Phrygian,  Lydian,  Mixolydian,  Aeolian and  Locrian.

* Relatives modes of Melodic Minor Scale
Melodic Minor,  Dorian b2,  Lydian Augmented,  Lydian b7,  Mixolydian b6,  Locrian #2,  Altered.

* Pentatonic Scales
Major Pentatonic, Minor Pentatonic,  Blues Pentatonic (with 5th diminished added),  Blues Scale.

* Seventh chord Arpeggios
Seventh Major,  Dominant,  Minor seventh,  Half Diminished, Diminished, Seventh Major with 5th augmented,  Minor with 7ht major.

* Triads
Major,  Minor,  Augmented, Diminished.

* Symmetrical Scales
Symmetrical Diminished Scale,  Symmetrical Dominant Scale, Whole Tone Scale, Augmented Scale.

* Others Scales
Minor Harmonic Scale

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