BASS / Melodic Minor Scale (Routine Practice & Exercises of Improvisation)


Practical and dynamic work methodology for the self-taught student
as well as for the teacher in class

Complete development of Exercise 7 of the book: Scales and Arpeggios. (Author: Nestor Crespo)


The purpose of this book is the intensive study of the Melodic Minor Scale which is of significant importance in our journey with music.

Normally we focus on the study of this or any scale by memorizing only the different shapes up and down, but this way of studying is insufficient when we want to improvise or appreciate the color or texture it produces.

That is why we are going to devote ourselves to develop the study of the 7 shapes through exercises in a practical and dynamic way including the corresponding fingerings and bar repetition in each case.


Includes 24 exercises with full fingering, repetition bars and practice tracks

* Diatonic Order – Up and Down ( a – b )

* Patterns 1 y 2

* Thirds ( a – b – c – d )

* Fourths ( a – b – c – d )

* Sixths ( a – b – c – d )

* Triads ( a – b – c – d )


It also includes 10 Backing Tracks corresponding to the exercise in a modal playing as well as,  different progressions which will be very useful to practice and affirm this concept.

* 6 Modal backing tracks in Cm/maj7 & Gm/maj7  (with strings and different musical styles)

* 2 Modal Backing Tracks (with chord progressions)

* 2 Backing Tracks with Cycle of 5th  (in different musical styles)

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