GUITAR / Scales & Arpeggios


Practical and dynamic work methodology for the self-taught student
as well as for the teacher in class


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In the present volume we will focus on the study of Scales, Seventh Arpeggios, Triads, Symmetrical Scales, etc. most frequently used in popular music:

In each of the 20 Lessons, there are 5 shapes and fingerings to be studied and in the 20 Exercises a varied number of exercises to affirm each of the concepts.


* Greeks Modes
Ionian,  Dorian,  Phrygian,  Lydian,  Mixolydian,  Aeolian and  Locrian.

* Relatives modes of Melodic Minor Scale
Melodic Minor,  Dorian b2,  Lydian Augmented,  Lydian b7,  Mixolydian b6,  Locrian #2,  Altered.

* Pentatonic Scales
Major Pentatonic, Minor Pentatonic,  Blues Pentatonic (with 5th diminished added),  Blues Scale.

* Seventh chord Arpeggios
Seventh Major,  Dominant,  Minor seventh,  Half Diminished, Diminished, Seventh Major with 5th augmented,  Minor with 7ht major.

* Triads
Major,  Minor,  Augmented, Diminished.

* Symmetrical Scales
Symmetrical Diminished Scale,  Symmetrical Dominant Scale, whole tone scale, Augmented Scale.

* Others Scales
Minor Harmonic Scale

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